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TextFile App - Simple, stylish, and synced offline. Take notes everywhere.

Make your notes and lists simple, stylish, and synced offline. TextFile has a modern look and a minimal aesthetic design, so you'll enjoy the time you spend writing and viewing all of your notes.

TextFile Update (May 28th, 2017)

Thank you so much to everyone who downloaded TextFile and gave us so much positive feedback. We got so much enjoyment making a minimalistic and stylish editor that allowed people to sync and edit their notes and text files. We were happy that so many people enjoyed using TextFile to edit notes synced with Dropbox on their Android phones and tablets.

Unfortunately, development and support of TextFile has ended and it has been removed from the Google Play store. For anyone who is using TextFile, especially anyone who uses it to sync with Dropbox, you should find another text or notes editor. As of June 28th, 2017, TextFile should no longer sync with Dropbox. TextFile should still allow you to enter native text notes on an Android device if you wish to do so. However, most of you will want to find a great new text or notes editor that is newer and better supported in the future.

While we would love to rewrite the app and update it for the newer Dropbox API, we have had to make the tough decision to let TextFile out to pasture as we have found other projects to work on and don't have the resources to update TextFile at this time. Thanks again for all of your support and I'm very sorry that we can't continue to update TextFile forever for all of TextFile's extremely supportive fans and users.

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TextFile App - Notes Text EditorTextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Simple

TextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Auto Sync DropboxTextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Offline Editing

TextFile App - Notes Text Editor - FoldersTextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Unlimited Notes

TextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Easy RenameTextFile App - Notes Text Editor - Long Filenames

*Dropbox - Requires free Dropbox account
*Premium - Requires TextFile Premium upgrade

TextFile App - Simple, stylish, and synced offline. Take notes everywhere.